WRC ORLEN 80th Rally Poland
Starts: Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 8:00:00 AM
ERC Bauhaus Royal Rally of Scandinavia
Starts: Thursday, June 13, 2024 at 12:00:00 PM
Ferratum World RX of Sweden 1
Starts: Saturday, July 6, 2024 at 6:00:00 AM

Environmental Policy


WRC Promoter GmbH & Rallycross Promoter GmbH - Environmental Policy Statement

WRC Promoter GmbH and Rallycross Promoter GmbH (the “Promoters”), jointly owned companies of KW25 and Red Bull, and commercial rights holders of the FIA World Rally Championship, the FIA European Rally Championship, and the FIA World Rallycross Championship, respectively, (“the Championships”), are committed to minimising the environmental impact of their operations in the Munich headquarters, as well as in the Championships’ events, which are held worldwide.

The Promoters recognise the growing environmental challenges that the world faces today, not limited to climate change, and are committed to playing a leading role in taking positive environmental action, safeguarding our planet, and future-proving our sport for generations to come.

With many of the Promoters’ events taking place in the natural environment, the practice of rallying and rallycross highly depends on the availability of key natural resources, as well as healthy and well-preserved ecosystems. It is the availability and protection of our planet and key natural capital, and their inhabiting biodiversity, that makes our sports possible.

In recognising sport as an enabler of sustainable development, and motorsport specifically as a laboratory of innovations that help foster solutions to protect our environment, the Promoters will work in close collaboration with the rally and rallycross ecosystems to advance the transfer of technology developed in our sports to find their way to the roads and amplify their positive impacts on transport and related industries.

Through disruptive technologies implemented in the Championships, such as plug-in hybrids running under the most demanding conditions on 100% fossil-free fuels and electric cars being pushed to their limits on race tracks, the Promoters will not only take the steps to reduce their environmental impact of operations and events but will also address their duty and opportunity to serve as a platform for accelerating the transition towards a sustainable future.

The Promoters will continue, and further reinforce, their collaboration with the FIA, event organisers, circuits, teams, drivers, fans, suppliers, media, local governments, and other stakeholders to introduce new initiatives to further reduce their carbon footprint, improve the sustainability of the sports, and align around consistent environmental objectives.

Within this framework, the Promoters commit to:

  • Comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements in relation to environmental aspects of our operations.

  • Measure and monitor our environmental performance to have a full understanding of environmental impacts of our operations and events.

  • Identify, implement, and monitor actions aimed at reducing the Promoters´ environmental impact.

  • Seek continuous improvement of environmental management according to international standards and climate targets.

  • Improve measures to implement sustainability criteria and guidelines in procurement processes.

  • Expand the reach and implementation of the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme across the Championships’ stakeholders and support them in improving their environmental management performance.

  • Promote sustainability and environmental awareness and involve employees and external stakeholders in reaching common objectives.

  • Educate about the importance of environmental sustainability and nature conservation in and through motorsports.

This policy, as well as performance against targets will be assessed annually.

Munich, 1st of December 2022

Jona Siebel

Managing Director, WRC Promoter GmbH & Rallycross Promoter GmbH