Thu 16 May 2024

Hansen Motorsport continues push for a more sustainable sport

Hansen Motorsport has performed an extensive and in-depth review of its carbon footprint for 2023, confirming it attained carbon-neutral status for the second consecutive year while identifying further ways to reduce emissions and inspire change in rallycross and beyond.

In its ongoing drive for environmentally-friendly improvements, the Swedish outfit has released its 2023 sustainability report, sharing its methods and findings with promotors, partners and fans as the sport increasingly unites for positive action against climate change.

2022 saw Hansen Motorsport become the first rallycross team to reach carbon-neutral status, in the same year that the FIA World Rallycross Championship switched to all-electric cars. Last season, the team took additional steps in its pursuit of net-zero emissions by 2030.

In 2023, the multiple title-winning Götene-based operation put in place the framework needed to field a fully electric line-up across all of its racing programmes for the first time, with its carbon footprint measuring 464.8 TCO2e – a 14.8 per cent reduction compared to 2019.

In parallel with its efforts to minimise its own impact on the environment, Hansen Motorsport supported external initiatives. Adopting turtles in Cape Town to support the conservation work of Two Oceans Aquarium represented the team’s first race-located contribution to climate action, and the start of its plans to further connect rallycross to environmental endeavours.

While still on the road to net-zero, Hansen Motorsport is offsetting the remainder of its carbon emissions by supporting the ‘Xinjiang Dabancheng Wind Farm Phase I Project’ in China with partner ALLCOT. The project includes the installation of 33 wind turbines, not only providing renewable energy but also employment opportunities for the local population and contributing to economic growth in the region.

In addition to being signatories to the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and Race to Zero, Hansen Motorsport achieved FIA 3-Star Sustainability Accreditation in 2023, alongside being ISO 14001:2015 (International Organisation for Standardisation) certified.

Always in pursuit of innovative, sustainable solutions, earlier this year Hansen Motorsport became a part of non-profit organisation Hydrogen Sweden, collaborating with other stakeholders in the industry in the pursuit of a greener future.

Up next for the team is the use of sustainable fuels for all of its long-distance transportation, and while Hansen Motorsport’s headquarters already runs on 100 per cent renewable electricity, plans are in place for the installation of solar panels as part of an ever-increasing off-setting strategy.

“The never-ending drive to find areas for improvement continued in 2023,” commented Susann Hansen, the team’s Head of Sustainability. “At the same time, we go into 2024 with a strong and positive attitude. We can feel that more stakeholders in the sport have also begun to act for sustainability. Not only does it make reaching our goals easier, but it also helps to accelerate the environmentally-friendly revolution we need as a society.

“Taking a broader view on where we as a team can make an even bigger impact is crucial to our next steps. The power of sport lies in both taking our responsibility as a team and making use of our platform to reach people with information and motivation to live more in-line with nature.”

Hansen Motorsport’s report follows on the back of the publication of Rallycross Promoter’s new Sustainability Roadbook, more information about which can be found here.

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