Media Accreditation


All requests for international media accreditations must be made online:

Apply for media accreditation at the FIA

Applicants wishing to apply for accreditation for their home round of the Championship should apply in writing to the National Press Officer for that event. For example, Belgian media applying for the Belgian World RX round must apply to the Belgian national press officer

RD 1 | Abu Dhabi | Ziwar Nakhesh:
RD 2 | Catalunya, Barcelona | Carla Prat:
RD 3 | Belgium | Severine Cirlande:
RD 4 | Great Britain | Cameron Kelleher:
RD 5 | Norway | Nina Susegg:
RD 6 | Sweden | Maria Halvasson:
RD 7 | Canada | Fannie Brouillette:
RD 8 | France | Marie Loisance:
RD 9 | Latvia | Janis Unbedahts:
RD 10 | South Africa | TBC:


Media Accreditation Guidelines



Permanent media season passes

Permanent media passes are available to those journalists/photographers who are planning to attend 8 or more World RX events. For those that would like to apply for a permanent season pass, please apply in writing directly to Cameron Kelleher on

Commercial photography

Photographers or photo agencies who use World RX events to sell pictures to teams, drivers or third parties (i.e not for media use) must be aware that there is a commercial photography fee in operation. Commercial photography per person, per round is £250. Please contact the World RX media manager Cameron Kelleher on if you would like to apply for commercial photography rights.


Filming race action is strictly forbidden. Only bona fide national or regional news TV crews can get access to the World RX paddock area for filming.

Media Accreditation Closing dates

Abu Dhabi: Friday 15 March at Midnight
Catalunya, Barcelona: Friday 5 April at Midnight
Belgium: Friday 19 May at Midnight
UK: Thursday 3 May at Midnight
Norway: Friday 24 May at Midnight
Sweden: Friday 14 June at Midnight
Canada: Friday 12 July at Midnight
France: Friday 9 August at Midnight
Latvia: Friday 23 August at Midnight
South Africa: Friday 18 October at Midnight