Friday 15th of December 2017

This weekend, Norway’s Andreas Bakkerud will switch from racing an FIA World Rallycross Championship Supercar to join DA Racing in the Andros Trophy ice racing series. He will drive a Renault Captur as team mate to Jean Baptiste-Dubourg.

We caught up with Bakkerud to find out how he’s feeling ahead of his Andros debut.

Q: What are your expectations ahead of making your Andros Trophy debut his weekend?

AB: “They’re not very high on results, but on the fun scale they are BIG! I also hope to learn something to become a better driver for sure.”

Q: You’re used to snow and ice in Norway, and you used to earn money to go racing by driving a snow plow, how much will your experience help this weekend?

AB: “Haha, yes – I have been playing around a lot in the snow with my old snow plow, so maybe that gives me an advantage. I think the key is to be careful with the grip but also be fully committed in some areas and go totally sideways!”

Q: World RX Supercars are known for being sideways, but Andros Trophy cars take that to a whole new level, how do you think that will be?

AB: “Totally awesome for sure! I have been watching the series several times online and it looks like a tonne of fun to drive. I’m super-happy to have the chance to go there and do it no.!”

Q: Will having an experienced rallycross driver as your team mate, Jean-Baptiste Dubourg, help you get up to speed quickly?

AB: “I really hope so. Inside information from experienced drivers is always important when you try new things. JB has proven his skills in the first race, and the cars looks really good too. I also talked with Topi Heikkinen, he did the series for a couple of years and I got some info from him too.”

Q: Andros Trophy cars have four-wheel drive like a Supercar, but four-wheel steering too. How do you expect that to be?

AB:Is there four steering wheels? Haha, just joking - it will be really fun, but maybe also really challenging. I’m not that fully sideways type of a driver, but I will give it a try and send it in as hard as possible.”

Q: When will you first get to drive DA Racing’s Renault Captur?

AB: “During practice on Friday morning… haha! Just flat out from the start!”

Q: Do you have plans to race anything else over the winter?

AB: “I have a lot of dreams but it all depends on when a full plan for 2018 is ready.”

Q: What stage are you at with that plan?

AB: “It’s at a closing stage. We work as hard as we can every day, but I just had to find time to have some fun in between also with this race weekend.”

Thanks Andreas, Good Luck!


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