Friday 8th of December 2017

The FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy will feature a number of technical regulation changes next season. The changes were approved by the FIA World Motor Sport Council this week and arise from discussions between teams, World RX commercial rights holder IMG and the FIA aimed at controlling costs. 

The measures cover new limitations on engines, turbos, tyres, gearbox ratios and aerodynamic devices for World RX Supercars. The changes represent a reduction in components or development opportunities that will save costs. The changes are outlined below. 


– Reduction from three to two engine seals per year

– Reduction from six to four turbochargers per year 


– Tyre usage: in the first two events a maximum of 12 new tyres (wet and dry) may be registered per car.

From the third event, a maximum of eight news tyres (wet and dry) and four used tyres (wet and dry) registered in a previous event may be registered. Only registered tyres can be used in the event 

Technical Declaration form

– Introduction of a Technical Declaration form, to supplement the Technical Passport, which will be used to identify items that are restricted to remove development opportunities and costs:

– The make, model and location of the gearbox

– If a central differential is used

– Restrict gear ratios to two declared sets for the year

– Restrict brakes to the declared specification for the year

– Restrict the rear aerodynamic device to the declared specification for the year

The World Motor Sport Council has also approved the FIA World Rallycross Championship 2018 calendar.


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