Friday 10th of November 2017

Three-time South African rally champion Mark Cronje will make his FIA World Rallycross Championship debut in an Albatec Racing Peugeot 208 WRX Supercar this weekend at the Killarney International Raceway.

We caught up with the South African driver for a guide to World RX’s newest circuit. 

“After the start, the first corner is quite nice because you can carry a lot of speed into it; it’s a right-hand hairpin that tightens quite a lot. The big trick there is to really find a way to carry the speed in, then to tuck yourself back into the gravel part for turn two. Initially the gravel is quite tight then turns into quite a fast left-hander into the jump. You can ride the kerb quite deep and then you’re really flat out, up through the gears. One tricky part is that there is a little dip after the jump, so you can’t go too low with the ride height,” explains Conje. 

“Back onto the tarmac, it’s quite a long straight before very heavy breaking into a right-hand corner, down to second gear. Again you need to keep it very tight, you’ve got to keep it in so you can be tight into the the left hander, which is onto the gravel. Then it’s a long right-hander, similar to turn one but this time on gravel. There’s going to be a lot of sideways action there. You’ve got to keep it tight because as you come out you need to be hard on the throttle for a long straight back onto tarmac, into a chicane. My estimation is that it will be a really fast part of the track, probably on the rev-limiter in sixth gear. Then, it’s back down to fourth, get it nice and close to the tyres to grab a bit of kerb on the outside of the corner, drift out quite wide then back down into turn one for the next lap.” 

“For the joker, you come out of turn five and let the car run quite wide to cut into the joker to the left. Then it’s onto a banked right-hand tarmac section around the outside of the standard lap, quite flowing but then it tightens up. That will be fourth gear then back down to second, before being hard on the throttle on the gravel back onto the main lap before the last chicane.”


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