Friday 29th of September 2017

Sweden’s Kevin Eriksson earned his tag of ‘Mr Round the Outside’ at the Estering in Germany last year, where he produced the move of the season to overtake the entire field at the first corner of the final on his way to his first win. 

Now racing for MJP Racing Team Austria in 2017, Eriksson has qualified for the final on three occasions (in Belgium, Sweden and Canada) and is 10th in the Drivers’ Championship. “The pace has been good this year, just France and Latvia were tough for me, but I’ve had a good test day in Austria before here and now I feel more comfortable in the car and more back to how it was in the middle of the season. I know how I want the car to be here, it’s a rally track – you need to have good grip and a car that is easy to change direction with, so I was focused a lot on that on the test and it felt really good I must say. I have a good feeling, but there are probably a lot of guys that have that as well,” he said. 

After winning his first ever World RX event at the Estering last year, Eriksson is aiming for a podium finish on Sunday afternoon this time around. “This is a track that I like and of course I have really good memories. Things are tougher this year, but this is a track where I think as an underdog you can win. It will be good – we’ve been in the final a few times but here I think we can really fight with the top factory supported guys. Last year showed that anything was possible. The pace was there, I won the race on pace not luck. The car feels good so I think the goal is the final, then the podium.” 



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