Friday 15th of September 2017

EKS’ Reinis Nitiss will start the first race of the weekend at his home round of the FIA World Rallycoss Championship in Riga on the outside of the grid, and will be joined by two other EKS drivers in Q1 Race 1: Topi Heikkinen and Nico Muller.

Like Janis Baumanis, Nitiss is a household name in Latvia and has been busy with media appearances in the lead up to the event at the Bikernieki circuit.

“There is huge support here, for sure it’s a positive and maybe a bit negative as well. The positives are that all the Latvians are supporting us and I feel an extra boost that I know they are cheering for me all the time – even when I do bad races or bad qualifications, they are still together with me,” explained Nitiss. “But on the other side, the pressure is higher. All the PR things; the pictures on the buses and the walls and everywhere puts some pressure on me. It means some positives and negatives, but together we are strong and for sure we will do our best.”

The Audi S1 driver is hopeful of performing well at his home round, after testing at the circuit and showing good pace at recent events in Canada and France. “It feels that we were good in Canada, we were even better in France and we can do something good here I think. We have four Audis, we work all together. In France we had a good speed, just in the semi-final the visibility was not the best for me – I couldn’t see so I had to go slow. I think everybody was testing here in Riga in the summer and we did a test as well. I’m looking forward.”

Find the Q1 Grid Sheets here.


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