Sunday 23rd of April 2017

You can watch Bompiso World RX of Portugal live or highlights from a number of countries.  Please find a list below of our 2017 official broadcasters.

In certain territories, you can also watch via our stream: 


Albania, Kosovo = Supersport

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan = Setanta

Austria = ORF Sport

Belgium (French) = RTBF

Belgium = EDGEsport (TV Vlaanderen)

Bosnia Herzegovina = Sport Klub

Bulgaria = MTEL

Croatia = Sport Klub

Cyprus = EDGEsport (CableNet)

Czech Republic = Czech TV

Finland = Nelonon

France, Andorra, Monaco and Overseas territories (including DROM, POM, COM, Vanuatu, Tonga,  Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Fiji Islands, Mauritius, Comoros, Seychelles, Haïti, Dominican Republic) = L'Equipe 21

Germany = EDGESport (Pro7 and Amazon)

Germany = Pro Sieben Fun

Greece = EDGEsport (Comote TV)

Italy = Sport Italia

Hungary = Spiler TV 

Latvia= Best4Sport

Lithuania = Sport 1

Macedonia = Sport Klub

Netherlands = Ziggo

Netherlands = EDGEsport (Canal Digitaal)

Norway = NRK

Poland = Polsat Sport

Portugal = Sport TV

Romania = Eurosport

Russia = Match TV

Tatarstan = Tatarstan TV

Serbia and Montenegro = Sport Klub

Slovakia, Czech Republic = EDGEsport  (Skylink)

Slovakia, Czech Republic = EDGEsport (CS link)

Slovenia = Sport Klub

Spain = TV3

Spain = GOL

Sweden SVT

Turkey = S Sport

Turkey = EDGEsport (Saran)

UK =

UK = Sky Sports Mix

Pan-Middle East = OSN

Sub Saharan Africa = Supersport

USA = Ford Performance Facebook: 

Pan-Latin America (inc Mexico) = Fox Sports

Canada = RDS

Canada = EDGEsport (Anthem)

Australia = Fox Sports

Australia = EDGEsport (Fetch)

China = EDGEsport (Qiyi)

China = EDGEsport (LeTV)

India = EDGEsport (Taj Television Ltd)

India = EDGEsport (Dsport)

Japan = Perform

Macau = EDGEsport (Teledifusao De Macau)

Mongolia = EDGEsport (Sky C&C)

Myanmar = EDGEsport (Skynet)

New Zealand = TV3

Pacific Islands = EDGEsport (Telekom Television Ltd)

Philippines = EDGEsport (Elite Sports Entertainment)

Solomon Islands = EDGEsport (Telekon Televison)

Thailand = EDGEsport (First Group AGP)

Thailand = EDGEsport (Grammy)

Vietnam = FPT


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