Tuesday 15th of November 2016

The 2016 FIA World Rallycross Championship features seven permanent teams, each with two drivers. Those drivers work hard together as team mates in their respective teams with the goal of becoming World Rallycross Champions. That means sharing information about driving, tracks, data and setups.

But, outside of the car, how well do they know each other?

We caught up with Team Peugeot-Hansen team mates Timmy Hansen and Sebastien Loeb to find out more, with some quick-fire questions.

Timmy – What is Sebastien’s home town?

TH: “Alsace?”


Sebastien – Where did Timmy grow up?

SL: “In Sweden, in the same town as Kenneth (Hansen).”

TH: “Good answer. It’s called Gotene.”

Sebastien – How old is Timmy?

SL: “24.”


Timmy – How old is Seb?

TH: “43?”

SL: “No. 42!” *rolls eyes*

Timmy – Does Seb have any brothers or sisters?

TH: “No?”

SL: “You’re right, and you have one brother.”

TH: “Yes, but that’s too easy!”

Sebastien – In which motorsport did Timmy start competing?

SL: “Karting”

TH: “Yes, and Seb started in rallying?”


Sebastien – When did Timmy make his rallycross Supercar debut, and in what car?

SL: “Ermm. I would have to say 2013 with the Citroen DS3.”

TH: “Actually, I did one race in 2011, that was my first.”

SL: “Ok, so in a Citroen C4?”

TH: “No, a Xsara, but I think that DS3 is a good enough answer.

Timmy – When was Sebastien’s first rallycross race and where?

TH: “X Games LA, 2012.”


Sebastien – What car does Timmy drive on the road?

SL: “Peugeot 308?”


Timmy – What does Sebastien drive on the road?

TH: “A 308 GTi”

SL: “Yes, that is one of my cars.”

Timmy – What is Sebastien’s favourite food on race weekend?

TH: “Special coffee.”

SL: “True. I like red meat to eat, but it’s no different being at a race to anywhere else.”

Sebastien – And what does Timmy like to eat at World RX events?

SL: “He drinks bad Swedish coffee, and eats what his grandmother has prepared.”

TH: “Yep, that’s good food.”

Sebastien – Does Timmy have any superstitions?

SL: “I don’t think so. I don’t think he’s closing the door five times or anything. He looks quite normal.”

TH: “I remember when I put my race underwear on, I put tuck my shirt under the pants, and Seb said he put his shirt over the pants.”

SL: “That’s true, and it’s kind of a superstition because I know that if you want to have a good result, you need to have the shirt over the top.”

TH: “But I tucked my shirt in and I was better that weekend! Maybe that’s what we should change when one of us is faster than the other.”

Timmy – Which WRC rally has Seb won the most times?

TH: “France, in Alsace? That’s a wild guess. Nine times?”

SL: “I did that rally only three times, because before it was in Corsica.”

TH: “Ah, okay. I know tarmac rallies you won almost all of them.”

SL: “It was Rally Germany that I won the most”

Timmy – When did Seb make his World Rally Car debut, and in what car?

TH: “I would say in the Citroen Xsara Kit Car, in 2001.”

SL: “It was in a Toyota Corolla, in 2000. A white one. I did two races with that car.”

Sebastien – How many World RX events has Timmy won?

SL: “Eight?”

TH: “Thank you. It’s actually six. Well, one in the European Championship and five in World RX.”

Sebastien – Who was Timmy’s team mate at Team Peugeot-Hansen in 2014?

SL: “Timur Timerzyanov?”


Timmy – How many wins in the WRC does Sebastien have?

TH: “Many!”

Sorry, we’ve can’t accept that as an answer Timmy!

TH: “So he won nine titles and he won some rallies before that for sure. So say five wins per year, or maybe more. Okay, so let’s say six wins a year, times nine, plus some more. Then it’s 56?”

SL: “It’s actually 78”

Sebastien – Timmy came to rallycross from circuit racing, what was the last single-seater series he competed in?

SL: “Formula Renault?”

Timmy – What is Sebastien’s favourite World RX circuit so far?

TH: “Riga, because he won there.”

SL: “I didn’t really know, but he is right. And Timmy’s will be Sweden.”

Timmy – What was Sebastien’s first road car?

TH: “I think I know. A Citroen Saxo?”

SL: “I’m older than that. It was a Renault 5 GT Turbo.”

Sebastien - If Timmy could watch anything on television, what would it be?

SL: “I think probably rallycross.”


Timmy – What does Seb to do relax when he’s away from rallycross?

TH: “Talk on the phone?”

SL: “It’s actually different things, I see friends and spend time with the family.”

Thanks guys!


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