Monday 24th of October 2016

Sweden’s Kevin Eriksson claimed his first ever FIA World Rallycross Championship victory at the Estering in Germany last weekend, with an incredible move around the outside of the entire pack at the first corner.

Following the event, videos of THAT first corner move have gone viral online, with a total of 7.42 million total views (2.8M on owned platforms and 4.58M on third-party platforms) in just five days. On Facebook, the clip has been viewed 1.62m times, with over 68,000 reactions, almost 15,000 shares and over 10,000 comments.

Eriksson himself has been inundated with interviews from around the world. “The last few days have been crazy, but of course I've enjoyed it. It's shown how big something can get in just a matter of hours on the internet. There's been a lot of interest from all over the world, I've had calls from everywhere;  the USA to Australia and Colombia – it has really been see all around the world,” he said, before explaining the manoeuvre that’s got everyone talking.

“I knew the second the final started that it was going to be impossible for me to get to the inside like I had done in the semi-final, and already before the final I had it in mind to go for the outside if it was tight on the inside. Just look at what happened to Mattias (Ekstrom), he started second but got blocked and ended up last just because he didn’t get to the inside. So I put everything on one card and went for it flat out to the outside. I had made a similar move the weekend before at a race in Norway so I had good confidence that I should be able to pull it off, and it worked."

The Olsbergs MSE driver is delighted to have achieved his first World RX victory, which was praised in the post-event press conference by double champion Petter Solberg, and believes the reach of the first corner video has significantly helped his career. “It feels really good to have got my first World RX win and when someone like Petter tells you he is impressed then it's a great feeling. He’s someone I’ve looked up to, so to hear that from him is special,” he said. “I'm really proud of my win, even if it was a little bit overshadowed by my first corner move and Mathias winning the championship. Of course this exposure has helped my career, it’s reached a lot of people and I've gained a lot of likes on my social media.”


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