Wednesday 20th of July 2016

The 2016 FIA World Rallycross Championship features seven permanent teams, each with two drivers. Those drivers work hard together as team mates in their respective teams with the goal of becoming World Rallycross Champions. That means sharing information about driving, tracks, data and setups.

But, outside of the car, how well do they know each other?

In the third of the series, we caught up with Volkswagen RX Sweden team mates Johan Kristoffersson and Anton Marklund to find out more, with some quick-fire questions.


Anton – Let’s start with an easy one. How old is Johan?

AM: “He is 28.”

JK: “No, 27. My birthday is the 6th of December. And you are the third of December.”

AM: “No, the 9th of December!!”

JK: “Oh! But he was born in 1992, so he his 23.”

Johan – What was Anton’s first road car?

JK: “A Volvo 740.”

AM: “No, a BMW. The only one I have, a 330.”

Anton – What was Johan’s first road car?

AM:A Volvo 240?

JK:It was an Audi A6.”

Johan – What was Anton’s first experience in motorsport?

JK: “Folkrace! This I know for sure!”


Anton –What was Johan’s first experience in motorsport?

AM: “Arhh, this is tricky! Probably in JTCC, the junior Swedish Touring Car category, with Pontus Tidemand.”

JK: “Yes, that’s correct, in 1998, but I had done some motocross before.”

Johan – What does Anton like to eat on a race weekend?

JK: “Nothing really special I would say. Just what is on the table. I don’t think he’s very restricted about what he is eating, just good food.”

AM: “He’s right. And he is the same because the chef we have here is really special.”

Johan – Does Anton have any superstitions before getting the car?

JK: “Yes sure, but I have no idea what they are!”

AM: “I don’t really, actually. I don’t have anything I need to do.”

Anton – Does Johan have any superstitions before getting the car?

AM: “I think he changes gloves. When he didn’t have something good with a pair of gloves he changes for a pair of good ones….I think.”

JK: “Maybe, yes. Actually each driver in the team has four pairs of gloves and I mark them because I don’t want to split the pairs. But when I marked them, I couldn’t mark them A, B, C, D because I don’t want to have any B gloves, so I had to mark them A, AA, AAA and AAAA. So maybe that’s true. But I also have a special watch, which I’ve had since 2011 and I always drive with it.”

Johan – Does Anton have any middle names?

JK: “Yes! I know it. I know I do! It’s not a middle name because Anton is actually his middle name, he has a name before, which is…… Olof. YES!!!”

AM: “I don’t think you should be too happy about that! Anton is my first name, and then I have two middle names, which is Olof Alexander. He was almost right.”

JK: “Well this I didn’t know.”

Anton – Does Johan have any middle names?

AM: “Ermmm. Johan…”

JK: “He will never find out.”

AM: “I need a good guess, I have no clue. It’s not Tommy... I don’t know.”

JK: “It’s David”

Johan – What’s Anton’s favourite track in World RX?

JK: “Oooo, that’s a tricky one. I’d say Lydden Hill. At least he is very quick there, and it might be his favourite.”

AM: “I think Lydden and Loheac I really like, but we can say you’re correct. The event I like the most is Holjes.”

Anton – And Johan’s favourite track?

AM: “Holjes for sure”


Anton – Does Johan has any brothers or sisters?

AM: “He has a sister, but I don’t know if she’s younger or older. She has horses, I know that. She must be older.”

JK: “Yes that’s right. And Anton has a younger sister and an older brother.”

AM: “Almost!”

JK: “Oh, a younger brother as well then.”

Johan – What is Anton’s home town?

JK: “He lives in Boliden. (Sweden)”


Anton – What is Johan’s home town?

AM: “Arvika (Sweden)”


Anton – What does Johan watch on television to relax?

AM:I don’t think Johan is a movie guy. I don’t think he is the one lying on the sofa relaxing. He doesn’t see the motorsport either, I know he watches that online. Okay, to keep the girlfriend happy he watches a movie.”

JK:It’s true that you say I’m not the one lying around watching videos because this is too boring. I cannot watch a bad movie, but I like to watch a really good one. If we’re watching a video – that’s something you have to do – but then I’m lying with the laptop and at the same time watching onboards. So he is correct.”

Q. And what does Anton like to watch?

JK: “I think we’ve never spoken about it. Probably he’s not watching movies, but he’s probably in the same situation as me that sometimes he has to watch them.”

AM: “That’s true.”

Johan – What year did Johan win the Euro RX TouringCar Championship?

JK: “2012. The same year as I won STCC”


Johan – And how many events did Anton win on the way to the title?

JK: “It was six rounds and he won four.”

AM: “It was nine races. I won two, and the rest I was P2.”

Anton – How many circuit racing championships has Johan won?

JK: “I don’t know myself.”

AM: “Ok, we start with one in STCC, two in Carrera Cup Scandinavia in 2012, one V8 SuperStars in Italy and then maybe something else. Maybe seven, or is it six...?”

JK: “It depends how you count actually, because the SuperStars is actually three championships inside the championship, but we can call it one. Five would be fair to say. STCC, three Carrera Cup and V8 SuperStars.”

Johan – Is Anton could have any road car, what would it be?

JK: “It’s such a simple answer for both of us. Anton would have an orange Volkswagen Passat Alltrack with 240bhp diesel engine with all the equipment. Black inside with a sunroof.”

AM: “He is right, yep. And he would have the normal Volkswagen Passat with 240bhp diesel engine, not as much equipment as I have *haha* but he has R-Line, grey with grey wheels.”

JK: Because both of us have them, so it’s simple.” 


Thanks guys!


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