Saturday 7th of May 2016

Olsbergs MSE driver Kevin Eriksson made the semi-finals on his first full-time FIA World Rallycross Championship start in Portugal and is set to make the top 12 again this weekend in Hockenheim.

Q1 and Q2 took place yesterday afternoon, with Q3 and Q3 being run later today. Eriksson is currently sixth overall and thinks with two clean races today he can at least maintain the position, despite the competitive nature of the field.

“Yesterday was ok but I feel I have some more speed in me so hopefully today I can get two clean races and see where I am after that. It’s really tough to get into the final, but that’s my goal,” said Eriksson. “I want to improve each race, I had quite a strong start to the year and at the moment I’m a bit better than I was in Portugal, to be in the final is my goal but it’s so, so tough.”

Eriksson thinks the first corner at the Hockenheim circuit is crucial to his races today. “The car is good, but it’s a really tricky first corner here. Sometimes even pole position isn’t the best place to be because it’s really tight. The start is really important, you need to get off clean. You can have contact in the first corner and then your steering angle is all over the place, so that’s what I need to work on, to have a clean race with a car that is 100% for all of the laps. I’m P4 on the grid for Q3, which is not so good but I will see if I can do a Kristoffersson style first corner like he did yesterday, to get into the lead.”


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