Wednesday 2nd of September 2015

A Supercar with a difference will line up on the grid at the ninth round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship in Loheac, France this weekend.

Former French Super1600 champion David Olivier will make history by becoming the first driver to race a naturally aspirated (non-turbo charged) Supercar in a World RX event. Olivier has been using the Renault Logan in French Rallycross Championship events this year, as the Olymeca team aim to create a car that can be competitive without the expenditure of a turbo-charged engine.

The Logan, which has been backed by Jean-Jacques Benezet, president of the French Rallycross Federation, features a 3.5 litre Renault V6 engine that produces around 455 brake horsepower and utilises a Sadev sequential gearbox - similar to those used in conventional Supercars. In the first two events for the car in France, Olivier has already proved to be near the pace, with a fourth and seventh place finish.

“It's always exciting to try something allowed by the regulations that nobody has done before. The naturally aspirated engine is cheaper than a turbo engine and easier to service, although it does have a bit less power,” said Olivier. “The car was completed in June, but we have had limited time since then, so the only testing we have done has been at events. For that reason, we go to Loheac this weekend without any objective. We will be there to take as much pleasure as possible and to see what our level is against the highest competition. The fans at Loheac are extraordinary. I like the track, but the Loheac event is above all about the atmosphere. It’s like a myth, a place that is the temple of motorsport. It's a bit like the Monaco of rallycross and we are excited to race there with our unique car.”


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