Thursday 18th of June 2015

Round five of the FIA World Rallycross Championship takes place at the Estering in Northern Germany this weekend, the second oldest circuit on the World RX calendar.

The German circuit always provides plenty of action; last year Petter Solberg won the final by just five-thousandths of a second from Mattias Ekstrom. We caught up with Ekstrom’s 2015 EKS teammate, Anton Marklund, to explain a lap. 

“The Estering is a really tricky track, where you have to almost switch between two driving styles during the lap. When you’re coming into the first corner, you have to be super aggressive, just throwing the car in and getting it sideways so you can have all four wheels pointing down the hill as soon as possible to carry the speed out,” explains Marklund. “Then coming down the hill, you can earn a lot of time and that’s what I think we saw last year with Mattias - he was earning a lot of time over Petter on the tarmac. You can brake really, really late and keep it tight and smooth in the right hander, and then again change the style to be driving absolutely crazy and just smash the throttle over the crest on the next gravel section.”

“In the last corners, you are back onto tarmac and you have to be really precise and conscious about your braking points to earn the last tenths of a second, but still quite aggressive to get the speed out onto the start finish straight. The joker lap is inside the last corners, you have to use the handbrake to get the car to rotate, but it’s so narrow and there is normally only two ruts that you have to get your wheels in to get the acceleration out. You have to be very precise here but also very aggressive because the exit is uphill and the gravel is normally very loose. For me it’s a really challenging track to drive and it one of the most fun.”

Marklund enjoys spending time with the German fans and has high hopes for the weekend, as he looks for his his second World RX podium finish. “The fans at the Estering really knowledgeable about rallycross. I really like to hang out with them – they can almost tell you what you are doing wrong and they are almost right because they have seen so many races. I hope that one of me and Mattias can keep the spot that he finished in last year (second), and that the other can take the spot from Petter (first). There is nothing we are thinking about other than to be P1 and P2, but we want to do a solid race and get both cars in the final then anything can happen.”

Check out the 2014 Estering Track Guide below.

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