"I will drive enough races to become World RX champion"

Wednesday 8th of April 2015

After a successful selected-event campaign in the inaugural FIA World Rallycross Championship last year, the EKS RX team will race full time with a pair of Audi S1 Quattro Supercars in 2015.

Team principle and driver, Mattias Ekstrom, will in his words “drive enough races to become World RX champion,” and is confident ahead of the opening round of the championship in Portugal later this month.

“It’s always been the same for me, I think the only way to go racing is that you want to win. For sure in the first race of the year you don’t know where you stand compared to everyone else, but we are pretty pleased with the homework we have done over the winter so far. The aim is to go to Portugal and have a trouble free weekend, make some good starts and have a clean drive. From what I’ve seen in the past, at the track in Portugal it’s important to get a good start, there are no jumps so you need to run a setup that is not for jumps. Winning is what we are dreaming of.”

Ekstrom and Marklund will share number one status in EKS RX this season and the two-time DTM champion thinks there will be key events for the pair, in their bid to challenge for the drivers and teams championship titles.

“It’s always important to be ready for the first race, but with 13 races there is still a long way to go. Personally I know there are some weekends that will be key to the championship. At events like Holjes [Sweden] and [Loheac] France where you have massive grids, if you have one bad heat it’s very easy that you end up with a bad points scoring weekend. You will really have to raise your game and drive smart. I think this year the level of competition has really raised, so I doubt there will be one person dominating like Petter [Solberg] did last season. I just can’t see it.”

The Swede is also anticipating great things from new signing Marklund this year. “I won’t be surprised at all if Anton has a floorless weekend and gets to the podium at the first race of the year. I’ve seen what he’s been doing lately and the person he has grown into. Nobody gets surprised if I win a race anymore to be honest, but I think that in Anton’s case, people will be surprised - it’s more a case of when than if.”

The first round of World RX takes place at Montalegre, Portugal on April 24 – 26. Buy tickets here.


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