Tuesday 9th of December 2014

French rallycross star Jerome Grosset-Janin competed in the FIA European Rallycross Championship for the first time in 2014, at the wheel of a Chanoine Competition Renault Clio Mk3 Supercar. The team entered the championship with limited knowledge of the circuits, but proved themselves against greater opposition. Grosset-Janin recalls that simply traveling to the first round of the European Championship gave him a huge buzz.

“Racing in the European Championship this year has been a great experience. When I won the French title in 2013, racing against the world’s best drivers was my only target. When we travelled from the Eurostar in Ashford to Lydden, that was a special moment. The dream of racing in the European Championship was becoming real. Then the race I did then in the UK was better than all my wildest dreams. I didn’t know the circuit and we had only been able to test for half a day before the season. After four heats we were sixth overall.”

The Frenchman is proud that the team found good pace on the European circuits, most of which were completely new to them. “Racing new circuits was really exciting and strange at the same time. It’s an interesting balance between learning, trying to be quick and not going over the limit. In Norway, after only ten laps of practice we were fifth overall in heat one, which was fantastic. But, I would say Norway was the hardest race of the season too. The engine stopped in heat two. I would have loved to have finished higher at Loheac too, in front of 70,000 French fans. But, when you look back at the tables, the top 15 Supercars after heat four were the latest generation, and we were sixth in our four year old Clio. We were unlucky in the semi-finals, but one day it will be mine!

Keen to continue on his path in International rallycross, Grosset-Janin has goals and realistic targets for the future. “My ultimate goal is to win every race and become the first ever French World RX champion. But, I have to be realistic. I know I have the speed and the pace, so my first goal is to stay in World RX events. And, as I did this year, give everything I’ve got behind the wheel to be as fast as I can.”


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