Thursday 3rd of October 2013

LD Motorsports won more events that any other team in FIA European Rallycross Championship Presented by Monster Energy, taking four victories at the hands of team owner Liam Doran and young Norwegian hot shot Andreas Bakkerud.

Content with the teams first year in RallycrossRX competition, Doran has his eyes on pushing for the future:

“The first year has gone better than I expected which I know might sound weird but in realistic terms I never expected it to go this well. We’ve won more events than any other team. Yeah we weren’t at the front of the Championship, but the most important thing is that we’ve proved ourselves really well as a team straight away in the first year and all the other teams are going to be scratching their heads because we have really good speed and we are both really quick, so I’m really, really happy.”

With the FIA World Rallycross Championship confirmed by the World Motorsport Council last month, Doran is keen to be part of it;

“The World Championship will be really, really cool. It will be big. We have already agreed to take a two car team to the World Championship because I think it’s important for the sport to have teams and it will be great.”

With the plan in place for World Championship competition, Doran now just needs to decide what cars LD Motorsports will run in the series.

“It just depends, if we have manufacturer support and who the manufacturer will be. At the moment we are looking at a couple of manufacturers to come on board as official manufacturers for my team. If we don’t get a manufacturer we will stay with what we’ve got. We own the cars so it would be stupid not to. At the moment it’s a tough decision. The commercial side certainly makes sense to switch to an official manufacturer.”

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