Monday 26th of October 2020

Double FIA World Rallycross Champion and 2020 World RX Drivers’ Championship leader Johan Kristoffersson, from Sweden, got a taste of what the young rallycross drivers of the future, starting in 2021, will race in World RX events, when he drove the new FIA RX2e car in Spain immediately after winning round eight of World RX at the Logitech G FIA World RX of Catalunya. 

Kristoffersson drove the new car – developed by QEV Technologies and Olsbergs MSE – together with the RX2e ambassador and test driver, Oliver Eriksson, at the Calafat test circuit near Barcelona. The Calafat track includes a range of corners and surfaces. “My first impression of the car was pretty good, but I didn’t know what to expect because this was the first time in an electric car for me. But like normal, you go out, brake a couple of times, turn a couple of times and then you are getting straight into trying to develop and work on details like you normally do with a petrol car. The sound from inside was a little bit different to what I’m used to, but not as different as I thought it would be. There were more sounds than I expected. Overall the feeling was pretty good. As a competitive person you always start to find things to improve, but this is the same for any car,” said Kristoffersson.

The FIA RX2e car features an increase in both power (+24%) and torque (+14%) compared to the existing Supercar Lites machine raced in the RX2 International Series. Kristoffersson has previously tested and raced an RX2 car, and thinks the RX2e car will be faster. “The electric car has so much more torque than the RX2, so it’s much easier to control the traction from the beginning. Balance wise, it was more or less the same, maybe a bit faster in balance because of the weight distribution. The car is still in an early stage of development but for sure when everything comes together it will definitely be faster than the RX2," he explained.

Electric cars will be used in World RX from 2022 and the cars expected to be faster than the current Supercars. Kristoffersson thinks it’s important that as the entry-level category FIA RX2e cars will also be faster than the current cars in the RX2 class, and by adopting electric technology, young drivers stand more chance of securing the backing they require to compete. “As the whole world is going more and more towards electric cars, I think this car will be a very good step before RX1 [Supercar from 2021]. It’s really what I think RX2 is now before going to a Supercar. I think the new electric Supercar will be faster than the current Supercar, and the RX2e will be faster than the RX2, so it’s a good step to learn in rallycross. I think it will be a good replacement and hopefully it will be easier for new drivers to be able to find more budget when it’s more environmentally friendly, as that’s a very hot topic for all sponsors nowadays.” 

The RX2e car also completed demonstration laps at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya as part of the World RX weekend, driven by Eriksson. Teams were given the opportunity to check the car out in the paddock, click here for video.

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