Tuesday 16th of June 2020

Finnish team SET Promotion, a multiple title winner in the FIA European Rallycross Championship and the operations arm of the GRX Taneco team in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, has given DiRT Rally 2.0 rallycross world champion Killian Dall’olmo the chance to experience a real life World RX circuit.

France’s Dall’olmo, who won the Codemasters DiRT 2.0 rallycross world title at the Autosport International Show (UK) in January, is also racing in the Sim Category of the official World RX Esports Series, and finished P3 in R1 at Yas Marina with the SET Esports team.

He was given the chance by SET Promotion to test a car from the World RX’s official support category, the RX2 International Series, at Loheac, France, in February, his first experience of driving a real-life car.

“The day at Loheac was really great. The RX2 car is the very first real car I have ever driven, I’ve not even driven a road car before, so the feeling of speed and grip, and how good the handling is, was amazing. The real-world track and the circuit in the game have their differences, so the challenge is quite different too. But, it’s also the same because in the game you learn to be smooth, and I found that was the fastest way in the RX2 car too,” said Dall’olmo, who was coached on the day by Team Principal Jussi Pinomaki and GRX Taneco’s Niclas Gronholm.

Pinomaki said: “Killian is clearly a very talented sim racer, and his results in kartcross in France prove that he’s good in the real world too. It was exciting to be able to invite him to an amazing circuit like Loheac where we were testing earlier this year to give him the chance to make the switch from driving there on DiRT 2.0 to reality with one of our RX2 cars. We did the test just before the coronavirus outbreak in Europe, which is when the Esports world has been thrown into the limelight. I was impressed with how quickly Killian was able to adapt to the real-world situations put in front of him at Loheac. It would be very interesting to see him get behind the wheel in a race environment for real.”

Watch the test here.

Dall’olmo will return to the World RX Esports grid for the second event in the Invitational Series at Hell, Norway on Sunday (June 21).


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