Wednesday 8th of April 2020

Spain’s José Antonio Suárez, a former Junior World Rally Championship driver and more recently R5 contender, including competing in WRC2 events, will switch rally for rallycross for the inaugural RX Esports Invitational event, to be run on his home country’s Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit on April 19.

Suárez will join a gathering of FI,A World Rallycross Championship stars on the grid in the first of a number of events run as a collaboration between World RX, Codemasters and Motorsport Games, using the official game of the World Rallycross Championship, DiRT Rally 2.0.

Even though he is new to the sport, Suárez has undertaken testing in preparation for the Barcelona RX Esports Invitational. “I have not done many competitions, but I’ve done a few hours of training. I think this is a fabulous idea, especially to make this quarantine time during COVID-19 more fun for everybody, to entertain viewers with a lot of gas and for sure a lot of action too,” he said.

Switching between rally and rallycross is nothing new for top drivers in the real world FIA World Rallycross Championship, but Suárez is keeping his expectations low key. “We will see how I get on, but as always I will bring my best. I think to be an Esports racer, the key things are talent and many, many hours of training.” 

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