Monday 21st of October 2019

The new all-electric Projekt E car will make its competitive debut this Saturday in Romania’s capital city, Bucharest.

The first Projekt E machine, the like of which will run in a fully-electric support category to the FIA World Rallycross Championship at selected events next year, was launched at the Neste World RX of Latvia last month, before being driven by select media in a test day at the PS Racing Centre last week.

The STARD-developed three-motor Ford Fiesta Projekt E car will be driven by Romanian television star and racing driver Dani Otil in the ‘CN Super Rally’ City Racing Series in Bucharest this weekend, as the Austrian driver and team target overall victory.

In the Romanian event, STARD’s Projekt E Fiesta will compete against circuit racing, hillclimb and rally cars, which mostly use internal combustion engines. “We have developed the all-electric REVelution powertrain system to be able to run in virtually any type of racing genre.

"The city centre of Bucharest is the perfect place to further test and start to showcase the versatility of our powertrain system. There we will compete on a city race course against all sorts of race cars, this is pretty different to a rallycross circuit actually,” said STARD CEO, Michael Sakowicz.

“We believe to have developed the most affordable and most flexible EV motorsport powertrain system on the market. On top of that, we are immediately enabling the use of OEM electric powertrain technology straight away. This is worldwide unique.”

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