Friday 24th of May 2019

Track Facts

Circuit length: 972m

Average speed (lap record): 92.4 km/h (second slowest of 12)

Lap record: 37.872 by Timmy Hansen (2018)

Joker lap record: 42.393 by Andreas Bakkerud (2018)

Difference normal/joker: 4.521 (slowest of 12)

4 lap record: 2:41.676 by Timmy Hansen (2018)

6 lap record: 4:00.899 by Johan Kristoffersson (2018)

Most World RX qualifying session wins at Silverstone:

2 Johan Kristoffersson

1 Petter Solberg

1 Timmy Hansen

Past event winners on British soil:

2018: Johan Kristoffersson (Silverstone)

2017: Petter Solberg (Lydden Hill)

2016: Mattias Ekström (Lydden Hill)

2015: Petter Solberg (Lydden Hill)

2014: Andreas Bakkerud (Lydden Hill)

Fun Fact

Never in the history of the FIA World RX Championship has a final been won by a car in P5 on the grid. Timmy Hansen (Canada in 2016) is the only driver who has won from P6. Johan Kristoffersson (total of 13) has most victories from Pole Position.

Winner's starting position:

P1: 38 (59.4%)
P2: 15 (23.4%)
P3: 8 (12.5%)
P4: 2 (3.1%)
P5: 0
P6: 1 (1,6%)

Supplied by @WRXstats

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