Monday 13th of May 2019

Round three of the 2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship was held at the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium and the Spa World RX of Benelux didn’t disappoint.

Russia’s Timur Timerzyanov scored his first World RX win in a double-podium for the GRX Taneco in an action-filled weekend. Here’s what the teams had to say:

GRX Taneco:

Timur Timerzyanov P1, Joni Wiman P3

Jussi Pinomaki (Team Manager): “What we saw this weekend is something that we as a team have been working on for one and a half years. I am extremely proud of this group of very professional and passionate rallycross people. Step by step we have come to this point and now we see, that it all has been worth it. I am happy for Timur and also once again very impressed by Joni.”

Monster Energy RX Cartel:

Andreas Bakkerud P2, Liam Doran P6

Andreas Bakkerud: What a weekend. We finished second behind my good friend Timur Timerzyanov. Timur deserved this one, even though I really wanted to win. Both RX Cartel cars in the final with Liam Doran makes it even better. Thank you to everyone who showed their support to us today.”

Team Hansen MJP:

Timmy Hansen P4, Kevin Hansen P8

Timmy Hansen: It was a tough race in Belgium, but I think we’ve caught up now after my accident on the first round of the season, as we’re up to second in the drivers’ championship. Our potential was really good all weekend – as we saw in Q4, which was the only opportunity I had to drive in clear air – but we didn’t completely maximise on it. But that can happen in rallycross sometimes; after the high of Spain, where we had a perfect weekend, it’s back to the real world now! The overall feeling is still great: we know that we’ve got the pace and a really quick car so we just need to make sure we take every opportunity. Finally, I’d like to congratulate Timur for his first win: it’s really deserved and I’m very happy for him.”


Janis Baumanis P5, Pal Try P16

Janis Baumanis: "I am so happy about our pace the Spa semi-final! We managed to find the speed after Q4! Our strategy for race starts worked very well! Unfortunately I got some Spa massage from Liam Doran the final. The car was severely damaged and there was nothing we could do anymore. Anyway, huuuuge thanks to my STARD team and my awesome fansI’m the only who has reached the final in all 3 World RX races this season. How cool is that?

GC Kompetition:

Anton Marklund P7, Guerlain Chicherit P13

Guerlain Chicherit: “It was not an easy weekend for us, especially for me, as I was extremely unlucky from race 1, which followed me through the weekend. It’s motorsport of course, we have to focus on the positives – the competitive pace and ability we’ve shown this weekend as a team really gives us a good feeling for Silverstone. We can be in the top 5 in terms of pace, so we need to put it all together now to make that podium happen. We’ve shown the potential of the car, now it’s time to push for the top in Silverstone.”

ALL-INKL.COM Muennich Motorsport

Timo Scheider P9

Timo Scheider: “Very good speed in the rain on Saturday but today in the dry the speed was missing unfortunately. We’re licking our wounds and taking the good things to Silverstone.”

JC Raceteknik

Mattias Ekstrom P10, Enzo Ide P18

Mattias Ekstrom: “We had a lot of fun this weekend. It felt like a reunion with the car and the guys. For sure you want to have a good result in the end, but I think this track is very different so it’s not so easy, but we still had lots of fun. I think Joel got a good shakedown for his team before his proper season starts. I had a lot of fun; we did some testing, we did some good starts and I made some mistakes. I was in the middle of the pack battling, which was quite nice because you learn things that you don’t when you’re up front. When you’re in the middle of the pack, everybody races like there’s no tomorrow, which is pretty cool.”

EKS Sport

Krisztian Szabo P11

Krisztian Sazbo: After a hard semi-final, I didn't get to the final today, but I'm not disappointed, because we've made a lot of progress and we aim to continue this in two weeks at Silverstone! Thanks for the support.”

GCK Academy:

Cyril Raymond P12, Guillaume De Ridder P15

Guillaume De Ridder: “I’m a little frustrated this weekend as I think we had a really good pace and good rhythm. When we see the laptimes from Q3 for example, we were P5 and P3 (Cyril) in terms of pace. I think the pace was there, we keep on improving and have improved again from Barcelona but now in Silverstone, I’d like to translate this pace into results and put it all together. It was my first race in rain and Q2 was a little delicate but I’m just super eager to put this all together in Silverstone to hopefully fight in the semi-final.”

Xite Racing

Oliver Bennett P14

Oliver Bennett: Big sends work at Spa. Top weekend by the Xite Racing team, we pushed hard and showed some great consistent launches and lap times! Small gains, long journey... See you at Silverstone

ESmotorsport – Labas GAS

Francois Duval P17

Francois Duval: “It was difficult but generally weekend was very good. The team is very good with a nice ambience. It was a nice weekend for me, for the organisers and the track – everything was perfect”


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