Tuesday 12th of February 2019

“I want to be World Champion and to be that you have to be in the World Championship,” are the sentiments of Sweden’s Timmy Hansen as the deadline for entering the 2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship gets closer.

Hansen has raced in every World RX race in history so far and finished second in the Drivers’ Championship to Norway’s Petter Solberg in 2015. He is working with his family in the Hansen Motorsport team to return to the World RX grid for the opening round in Abu Dhabi in April. “It looks like being very, very busy this year, my family is exactly the same as I am and we want to be on the start line of the World Championship. I know there will be some new teams, but the private teams of 2018 who were kind of left a little bit behind the factory teams, they will be incredibly strong now, they will be in the prime position to do good results. Now everything is on a white sheet of paper and we want to be there, we want to be on the start line,” Hansen told the Drivers Club YouTube channel. “We have one month still to put everything together, we are very close, we have so many things gone right but to put together a World Championship team it’s a big job and its costing a lot of money.”

Hansen’s last World RX win was at the World RX of Canada in 2016, and he is excited about using the experience collected in recent seasons to build on plans for 2019. “If we put it together I’m very exciting because I think it will be a lot of fun to run it ourselves. We have driven in a private team for a very long time and we did that well, then we got the chance to do it with a full-on factory programme and we’ve been in the centre of that seeing how that works, and I think we’ve learnt so much right now – we’ve learnt about what we already did good and we’ve learnt about what the factory programme did well. What we hope for is to put all that together in one team. Now the last bit is to secure the last sponsors, so that is the one piece left.”

The 26-year-old says he has unfinished business in World RX, and that he feels the title is in touching distance. “It’s felt like I’ve come close, in 2018 I felt like I had everything I needed to perform well and I think I would have been in that fight for second but I just had too many technical problems. I was leading the semi-final in Barcelona for example and the battery shut off and everything went black. That was my race. Too many things went wrong for me (last year) but we were fast. I’m so motivated, it feels like that Word Championship title is within reach.”

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