Monday 17th of December 2018

Austria’s Team STARD is building a new Supercar for the 2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship. STARD ran a Ford Fiesta for Latvia’s Janis Baumanis this season and finished ninth overall, the highest placed team without any manufacturer connection.

STARD is planning to improve on strong performances with the new car in 2019. “We have been extremely happy with the results from this year. I think everybody expected the private teams to have a bigger gap to the top works teams given the intensive support and effort they put in. We have proven that with the right amount of upgrades, with the correct approach and with a team that has built up just the right amount of experience over the recent years, it’s really possible to decrease the gap to the very front. Compared to last year with the same driver and our basic car being the same structure, we really have improved this year and we’re really happy with the results,” said STARD CEO Michael Sakowicz.

“We are currently developing a new car which will be even more cost effective and easier to use for customer teams, but at the same time improve the performance with some big changes, without altering the proven and successful philosophy. We expect to further improve our World Championship top level, customer-friendly, cost effective and extremely reliable Supercar.”

Owned by former World Rally and World RX driver Manfred Stohl, STARD has worked with Baumanis for the last two years. Baumanis won the Monster Energy Super Charge Award for having the fastest reactions at the start line of the final at Canada RX, among a number of strong performances. The team is working to continue with Baumanis in 2019. Our target and plan is to continue with Janis. Over the last years we have worked with him we’ve improved our cooperation very much. There is a certain base of trust, of confidence and we understand and know each other, which is a big key in the success we had this year and the good and solid results. He is also constantly improving as a driver, so we would be super happy to continue this work and we are working hard in the discussions. Of course we are working very hard to put together a two-car programme. We have constantly proven how powerful our package is by being right behind the full works teams throughout the whole season. For 2019 a lot is possible! We are keeping our big focus on RX with the future plans for electric, we have been working intensively on electric motorsport projects for many years now, and already deliver systems to major works projects. We are hopeful for the future."

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