Friday 14th of September 2018

The final round of the FIA European Rallycross Championship for Supercar takes place alongside the FIA World Rallycross Championship at Riga in Latvia this weekend, where the Championship leader, Reinis Nitiss, is hoping to secure the Supercar title in front of his home fans.

Racing a Ford Fiesta for the SET Promotion team, Nitiss leads the standings by 26 points. His nearest challenger is France’s Cyril Raymond, who joined Euro RX from round two at Mettet in Belgium and won round four at Loheac in France.

“I will approach this weekend without thinking about the gap in the points, I just want to do a clean and good race. I thought too much about the points in France and I don’t want to do that in Latvia, but for sure it’s hard not to think about it. More thinking means you drive more carefully, and then you are slower,” said Nitiss.

Although there are a few permutations to how the title race could play out, if Nitiss qualifies for the semi-finals in Riga, he will win the Championship. “I want to win my home round. If I am in the semis, I am fine with the championship situation, then I can go all in. The hardest job we have to do is in the quails,” he continued. “The Euro RX level is really high, especially with Cyril Raymond and Krisztian Szabo here. They are in top teams with top cars and factory support. Me and Anton (Marklund) have been fast and we are still, but it’s good to fight with more guys. I feel I was only one who matched Cyril’s pace in France and I’m happy for that because he has a lot of support.”

Nitiss could have secured the title in France two weeks ago but contact in the final caused damage to the Fiesta and he finished sixth. “I needed to be second after Turn 1 and that’s what I aimed for – I saw a gap inside and I went for it. It was unlucky with a hit in the wrong place that damaged the car. If you have a chance, you go for it. I know the race in Latvia this weekend will be even better than before because the organisers are putting a lot of effort to make it good for the fans and drivers!”

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