Friday 3rd of August 2018

Sweden’s Kevin Eriksson is entering the seventh round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship at Trois-Rivieres this weekend in confident mood following a successful test for the Olsbergs MSE team in Canada yesterday (on Thursday).

Eriksson has finished ninth overall twice in 2018 in OMSE’s new Ford Fiesta ST Supercar, while his team mate Robin Larsson has seventh in Belgium. The 2016 World RX of Germany winner is hoping changes made to the Fiesta will lift him into the final places. “We had a good test, we’ve been working very hard during the summer break, there’s been no holiday for us but if it’s worth it, it’s perfect. The car felt very good yesterday and I really hope we will see that as well on Saturday and Sunday,” said Eriksson. “It’s mainly the engine we have been working on. I actually like our chassis – we have a very different chassis to the other teams and it feels good but we’ve been lacking power. You can see that quite clearly, it’s been a disadvantage when we’ve gone to every track, especially here in Canada when it would be the biggest disadvantages.”

The Trois-Rivieres circuit has the longest straight of the year, where the Supercars reach over 200 KPH. “It’s quick and it’s a very long straight, but I don’t think about it too much when I’m driving. 160 KPH or 200 KPH doesn’t make so much difference to me, it’s more the acceleration where you get blown away with these cars,” he continued. “We have taken another step before this weekend, we will see if we can catch the rest or if it’s just another step closer, but it felt good anyway.”

The former RX Lites (the previous name for the RX2 International Series) Champion is planning to return to the final and podium in World RX as soon as possible. “I want to fight for the final, that’s always my goal. If I’m not there I’m looking to be there, I don’t really want to fight for 10th to 12th place. I can’t just give up, but my goal is to fight for a final and the podium. I was fourth here last year, I know I’m quick at this track, so I will aim for that once again.”
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