A record 24 drivers will do battle for glory when the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires speeds into Sweden for round four of its 2017 campaign on 30 June - 2 July, with Höljes ready to rock to the rallycross beat.

Defending champion Cyril Raymond remains undefeated following the most recent outing in Hell, but his rivals are increasingly eager to knock the Frenchman off his perch, with Dan Rooke and Tanner Whitten in particular showing strong form of late.

Not only that, but with 13 Swedes and five Norwegians in the field, there will be no shortage of Scandinavian specialists keen to show the champion a clean pair of heels in their own backyard.

The full entry list reads as follows:

2 Ben-Philip Gundersen NOR Ben-Philip Gundersen
William Nilsson SWE JC Raceteknik
Simon Wågø Syversen NOR Set Promotion
Glenn Haug NOR Glenn Haug
11 Tanner Whitten USA Olsbergs MSE
12 Anders Michalak SWE Anders Michalak
13 Cyril Raymond FRA Olsbergs MSE
17 Hampus Rådström SWE Hampus Rådström
18 Linus Östlund SWE Linus Östlund
19 Andreas Bäckman SWE Olsbergs MSE
21 Marcus Höglund SWE JC Raceteknik
22 Johan Larsson SWE Team Faren
26 Jessica Bäckman SWE Olsbergs MSE
36 Guerlain Chicherit FRA Olsbergs MSE
40 Dan Rooke GBR Team Faren
51 Sandra Hultgren SWE Sandra Hultgren
52 Simon Olofsson SWE Simon Olofsson
55 Vasiliy Gryazin LVA Sports Racing Technologies
56 Thomas Holmen NOR Bard Holmen
58 Santosh Berggren SWE Santosh Berggren
69 Sondre Evjen NOR JC Raceteknik
91 Jonathan Walfridsson SWE Helmia Motorsport
96 Guillame De Ridder BEL JC Raceteknik
98 Stein Fredrik Akre SWE Stein Fredrik Akre



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